1. What are the different file types that are available for a sermon?

Audio files of sermons are available in MP3 and RM (Real Media)format and video files are availale in WMV format. All the three formats can be downloaded to your local system.

2. Do I need any special programs to play the MP3 or RM?

MP3 audio will require an audio player, such as Windows Media Player, or WinAmp or Ultra player. MP3 audio files will also work on MP3 players.

RM files will require a Real Alternative Player Or Real Player or Ultra player.

3. What is the difference between streaming and download?

Streaming is playing the audio directly from the internet instead of downloading to your computer and then playing it there.

In this web-site you can either play the audio directly from the internet i.e streaming. Else you can download it and you can hear it offline or online via your own players.

4. I clicked on a download link but my media player popped up and played it instead, why did that happen?

Sometimes, the browser will try and help when you click on a link to media content by going ahead and launching the media player. If you really want to download the content and play it later then RIGHT+CLICK (or CTRL+CLICK on a Macintosh with a single button mouse) on the link to bring up the context menu and select Download as or Save as(depending on the option that your browser gives you) to save the file.

5. I downloaded a sermon but it seems to be damaged (it cuts off at a strange spot). What should I do?

Occasionally, when a file is downloading from the internet, it gets interrupted. The short answer is to download the file again.

Better use software to resume the downloads to avoid or solve these kinds of problems. Ex: try Download Accelerator Plus or GetRight or Internet Download Manager.

6. How to Clear Cookies?

For Internet Explorer users: Go to Setting choose Internet Options under Browsing History click Delete to clear temporary files.

For Firefox users: Go to Tools choose Clear Recent History click Clear Now to clear temporary files.

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